Compact stylish design
Round glass, plastic, tinplate products can pack up to 45 packages / minute.
With a specially designed furnace heating tunnel, you can achieve higher performance with less energy
New generation product seperation seamless product separation on this count
Save settings for 8 different products, then upload

Specially designed nylon feed for easy and quick nylon replacement
A pneumatic ballerina which provides synchronization between nylon feeding and unloading
Auto-stop and alert operator when nylon runs out
Specially designed structure provides better insulation and more homogeneous heat distribution.
More homogeneous heat distribution thanks to turbo fans
Double sided product inlet and outlet curtains
Speed controlled oven conveyor
High-speed cooling motor at oven outlet
Our machine is guaranteed for labor and material defects for 1 year.
Spare parts supply guarantee under DEZE machine guarantee for 10 years. As soon as possible with the Turkish and international network.
45 Ppm maximum speed

Low energy expenditure

Product separation with servo motor and pneumatic system

3 Servo motor

+-3mm Precision nylon cut

9 Ac Motor

10 ınc Color Screen

10 Different format



Tunnel measurements 4500x2400x1100 mm
Max. working dimension 500x500x350 mm
Electric Power Supply 380 V 50 Hz
Electric Power Supply 380 V 50 Hz
Max. Electric Power 45 Kw – 90 A
Avarage . Electric Power 10 Kw – 20 A
Max.Air Consumption 320Lt/Hour

Working air pressure 6-8 Bar
Nylon cutting system Overlap
Oven temperature / Type 140-230 C /Rezistans
Working film thickness 40-140 Micron
Max.Rulo diameter 750 mm
Machine dimensions 13800/2400/2600 mm
Machine weight 4330 Kg