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       Compact compact designe .It is capable of packaging round glass, plastic, tinplate products up to 15  pack / min. With specially designed furnace heating tunnel can ensure higher perfonmans with less energy. With the heating system that can be profitable, it stops the loss of time to heat and cool the oven in the morning and evening.New generation product separation,8 different settings for different product saving later loading

Products Explanation
Tunnel dimensions 4500X2400X1100mm
Max Operating Measure 500x500x350mm
Power Supply 380 V 50 Hz
Max. Electric power  30 Kw 90 A
Normal Operating Current   7 kw 14  A
Max.Air Consumption 320 Lt /Hour
Working air pressure 6 Bar
Nylon cutting system Sealin Bar
Oven temperature / Type 140-230 C /Rezistance
Working film thickness 40-100 Micron
Max Roll Diameter 500 Mm
Machine Dimensions 13800x2400x2600mm
Machine Weight 4150 Kg


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